Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally a blog!

Yes, I made it. I have been envious of a few top bloggers for the past few days, and thought that I should try my hands on writing a blog. I guess its customary to start a blog by outlining its aims. Well, I just registered for my level I CFA exams a couple of hours ago, and thought that it might be a good idea to keep track of my progress. I also plan to use this blog to vent out my frustration on the world of finance and its quirkiness. But most importantly, I want to use this blog to keep score -- to keep track of when I am right and when I am not. I plan to write a post on Google (which closed at $463 today) and all its real options, but its rather late today. It shall have to wait till tomorrow. So Hurray world! I now have one more way to kill time.

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