Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I passed Level II

I got my results yesterday, and guess what, I passed. I actually had a feeling after the exam that I would. Not at all surprised that I got less than 50% in Fixed Income -- as I hadn't taken Fixed Income classes at school. So there, no PIMCO for me.

Now I have one year to study for Level III. I have decided that I will not even think of it until after December. The exams take a mental toll, not because I study hard for them -- but because I am thinking of them most of the time. In any case, I cant seem to prepare for them until the week before the exam. And setting mental benchmarks don't help at all, I always manage to procrastinate.

I may well pass Level III next year. But the charter will probably take a bit longer. Not sure if they hand out charters for specifying the underlying mechanism behind a software.

I do have bits and pieces of rants to write about. But I feel no motivation to do it. Who really would read it? Yes, yes procrastination. It always gets to me.

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